Welcome to The Richard Lawson Studio.

My purpose in teaching is to, by divine influence, arouse, impassion, enlighten, entertain, impinge and rehabilitate artists using my expertise, experience and knowledge through the perpetuation of the fundamentals of the Katselas Approach to creation.

What is the ‘approach’? There are several definitions of approach that I like a lot;

  • A way or means of reaching something; an access.   
  • The method used in dealing with or accomplishing. 
  • The steps taken by a bowler before delivering the ball.

A way or means, a method used or steps taken to deliver, deal with or reach something or someone.

Arguably so, Milton Katselas is the preeminent master acting teacher in the world today.  His success as a teacher is founded in his experience and recognition as a world-renowned director, painter, writer, photographer and architect.  He brings a wealth of experience, wisdom and mastery of craft that is unparalleled by most because the basis of his teaching is founded in the fact that he is the eternal student. He is at the forefront of an artistic renaissance.

As the senior teacher at the Beverly Hills playhouse, having studied with Milton since 1976, and teaching for him since 1980, I’ve had the pleasure of being the main conduit of infusing this artistic renaissance into thousands of the industries most successful actors, directors, writers, producers, comedians, dancers and singers.

My relationship with Milton and the BHP will be ongoing and everlasting, but it is time to open my own doors and bring to an abundant and thriving industry, the combination of the knowledge and legacy gleaned from teaching the ‘Katselas approach’ and my own experience, expertise and concepts in helping artist bring that approach to the screen thru the use of technology.

If you are interested in finding out more about the school, please email me.

The following is a partial list of actors and directors who studied at the BHP:

Leslie Ackerman Ana Alicia Ed Aimes
Anne Archer  Jennifer Aspen Catherine Bach
Alec Baldwin  Catherine Bell Barbi Benton
Crystal Bernard Valerie Bertinelli Bibi Besch
Robert Blake Steve Bond Sonny Bono
Zev Braun Burk Brinkerhoff Delta Burke
Colleen Camp Jean Carol Jim Carrey
Nancy Cartwright  David Cassidy Joanne Cassidy
Kim Cattrall Kyle Chandler George Clooney
Jeff Conaway Martha Coolidge Joe Cortese
Nicholas Coster James Cromwell Cathy Lee Crosby
Denise Crosby Mary Crosby Tyne Daly
Ted Danson Tony Danza Patti Davis
Bruce Davidson Donna Deitch Howard Deutsch
George DiCenzo Stephanie Dunnam Ron Eldard
Jenna Elfman James Farentino Tovah Feldshuh
Miguel Ferrer William Forsythe Penny Fuller
Allen Garfield Troy Garity Willie Gault
Cindy Gibb Gloria Gifford Beth Grant
Harry Hamlin Pat Harrington Mel Haris
Mary Hart Wings Hauser Daryl Hickman
Peter Horton Kate Hudson Finola Hughes
Elaine Joyce Jayne Kennedy Kevin Kilner
Gladys Knight Carol Kritzer Marty Kove
Tammy Lauren  Brandon Lee Len Lesser
Lisa London Carol Lynley Cheryl Ladd
Adam Lazarre-White Stephen Macht Paul Le Mat
John Livingston Dorothy Lyman Farhad Man
Edie Maclure  Justina Machado Ed Marinaro
Marilyn McCoo Heather Menzies Marian Mercer
Larry Miller Donna Mills Lynne Moody
Ken Norton  Chris Noth Walter Olkewicz
Donna Percow  Michelle Pfeiffer Jeff Pierce
Robert Pine Priscilla Presley Larry Pressman
Kelly Preston Lee Purcell Leah Remini
Gene Reynolds  Giovanni Ribisi Doris Roberts
Salli Richardson Mimi Rogers Rock Rosenthal
Sara Rush   Joe Santos Camille Saviola
Joel Schumacher Tom Selleck Cotter Smith
Jojo Starbuck Gene Stein Patrick Swayze
Jeffrey Tambor  Sarah Thomspson Jonathan Tolins
Robert Townsend  Robert Urich Chick Venerra
Robert Walden Fred Ward Keenan Ivory Wayans
Barry Williams

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